Green Tourism Business Scheme

Client name . Green Tourism Business Scheme

Sector . Tourism / Environment

Summary comment . Janie Neumann, Development Manager
Summary comment . Green Tourism Business Scheme

"FileMaker is very intuitive, so we were able to roll it out quite easily. Our assessors were able to move off Excel and onto the new system with very little training. And our clients are happier with the final report, as well."

Green Tourism Business Scheme

FileMaker Takes a Green Holiday

The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is the UK's national sustainable tourism certification scheme and the only one approved by Visit Britain. Under the programme, tourist venues, accommodations and attractions are assessed and graded against strict criteria including energy efficiency, water use, waste management and more. Clients meeting the standard are then awarded a gold, silver or bronze certification depending on their overall score.

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The Client Challenge

With more than 2,000 clients ranging from tiny two-room B&Bs to larger 250-bed hotels and new members joining all the time, the scheme had firmly outgrown its Excel-based assessment filing system. Filing assessments was a cumbersome process, the final report looked like an ordinary spreadsheet and, most importantly, there was no way to analyse data across various assessments.

The FileMaker Solution

GTBS worked with Business Logical Ltd. to create a customised FileMaker application known as Green Base / Green Field which allows easy communication between head office (Base) and assessors (Field). The system provides for standardisation and consistency in assessments, streamlined delivery of certification and detailed analysis of data.

Organisational benefits

  • Head office uses Green Base to assign assessments, track progress, review assessors' performance and follow up with field operatives.
  • Assessors use Green Field to access information about assigned visits, site information and contact details, site-specific criteria and scoring.
  • Click-and-drag bar chart system makes reporting faster and easier.
  • Pre-written comments from a "phrase bank" are automatically suggested and can be quickly and easily inserted into the report. New comments from other assessors can be added to the phrase bank, so quality of comments should increase over time.
  • Field assessors in remote locations can work offline, then synchronise with head office when they reach an internet-enabled area.
  • Final report is attractive and professional looking, easy to understand and fully branded with the GTBS look-and-feel. Report includes only criteria relevant to the specific site and concludes with a Top-10 list of recommendations for further improvement.
  • As more assessments are made using the FileMaker system, data can be collated and analysed for trends and themes.
  • GTBS has already received interest from overseas tourism agencies and is currently exploring opportunities for exporting the system.

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