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Client name . Haycock Associates

Sector . Estate Management / Hydrology

Haycock Associates

FileMaker Delivers a Watertight Estate Management Database for the National Trust

"From the start we could see FileMaker was the right tool for this project. The graphical user interface makes building a multiple database straightforward and its easy import routines allow users to add plugs-in like the GPS and synching functionality."

Mark Haycock
IT Manager
Haycock Associates

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The Client Challenge

Haycock Associates is a hydrology consultancy that has worked with the National Trust for many years to manage water supply and sewage infrastructure on all its properties.

This is not an inconsiderable challenge as many of the historic properties have antique sewage and water systems. Also, the surrounding grounds and gardens have been landscaped or altered over time, which affects the way water flows around the estates.

For compliance purposes Haycock was tasked with developing a way of capturing and storing the wealth of complex data about waste water and water supply systems across the entire portfolio of National Trust properties. In addition, accurate visibility information about how oil supplies are stored on-site was crucial.

A new database project was commissioned. It was hoped it would become the central information store providing managers with a complete view of the whole National Trust estate. A key requirement was its ability to deliver a dynamic repository where repair work could be flagged up, scheduled and tracked.

The FileMaker Solution

Haycock set about developing an innovative information capture system with the FileMaker database at its heart. Surveyors using laptops can now enter information about each property on-site while a GPS plug-in module automatically records the exact location of pipes and other infrastructure.

Once back in the office new information is synched with a central database and vice versa ensuring no data is lost or replicated. The success of the project has led staff at the National Trust to consider expanding the database to encompass other environmental data, such as the treatment of farm waste on estates.

Organisational benefits

  • Eliminating the old paper-based system, National Trust managers now have an instantly accessible 'global' view of the water systems across all properties.
  • The National Trust can now easily audit its properties and monitor maintenance work.
  • The FileMaker database can be accessed via the web, so property managers have all information to hand.
  • Data captured remotely can be synched with a central database so information is not lost or replicated.

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