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Client name . Media 10

Sector . Publications and Exhibitions

Summary comment . Emily Tyson, Exhibitions Production Manager, Media 10

"FileMaker is the hub of information for everybody. It does so much. It's an absolute godsend. I used to spend forever opening dozens of files and importing things into spreadsheets. Now I just click a button. It's made my life so much easier."

Media 10

FileMaker Event Management Database Puts on a Great Show

Founded just eight years ago, Media 10 has already become one of the leading players in the events industry. Most famously, its hugely popular Grand Designs Live show attracts more than 100,000 people over nine days in London and a further 45,000 over three days in Birmingham. Most recently, Media 10 acquired the Ideal Home Show and expects to welcome more than 300,000 visitors in 2010.

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The Client Challenge

With anywhere from 400 to 600 exhibitors per show, keeping track of their needs, wants and contractual obligations is a mammoth task. For as long as anyone can remember, Media 10 has used FileMaker to make sure that contracts were signed, welcome packs assembled and sent out, invoices sent and paid, and so on. But the system in place hadn't been upgraded in years and came nowhere close to living up to FileMaker's potential. As well, there was a different FileMaker application in place for each show, so data could not be compared across events.

The FileMaker Solution

Media 10 turned to developer Gill Pickles of Data Artistry Ltd for a single, integrated FileMaker solution that works across all events and tracks each and every exhibitor from initial sales contact through to booking, signing of contracts, invoicing and payment, issuance of welcome packs and on to payment and, if all goes well, re-booking for the next event.

Organisational benefits

  • All paperwork associated with a booking is automated and follow-up data generated to ensure all documents are properly completed.
  • When exhibitors make changes or upgrades to their stand size, location and other requirements, contracts and invoices are automatically updated and re-issued.
  • With all events residing on a single integrated system, data can be assembled and segmented by a range of factors including client, type of show, product or service category, location and more.
  • Sales team data can be easily retrieved and sorted to calculate commissions and assess performance. As bookings are made, data on sales levels by category can be retrieved and examined to enable refocusing of the sales effort.
  • The operations team (the people who actually build the event) can quickly access details about exhibitors, stand dimensions and other client requirements.
  • Exhibitor details are quickly and easily exported to a .CSV file used to compile the official show guide. A similar functionality exists to provide simple, near-real-time updating of the official show website.
  • A further export can be made to provide up-to-date exhibitor details and event information to Media 10's PR and advertising agencies.
  • During the show, exhibitor re-bookings and bookings for other shows can be made live and on-the-spot at the actual event.

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