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Client name . Skyline Whitespace

Sector . Exhibition marketing

Summary comment . Adam King, Chief Designer, Skyline Whitespace

"It's very intuitive. People just get on and use it. You can do pretty much anything with FileMaker. Personally, I can't believe how we got by before we had this system. Everything used to take so much longer."

Skyline Whitespace

FileMaker Takes the Stand (Exhibition Management System)

As every savvy marketer knows, there's just no substitute for being there. Which is why, despite the huge growth in online and indirect marketing, exhibitions and trade shows continue to grow from strength to strength. Skyline Whitespace helps businesses and public sector organisations of all sizes make the most of their exhibition investments by designing and creating a range of award winning, durable and innovative exhibition stands.

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The Client Challenge

Founded in 2002 with just 4 employees, Skyline Whitespace had, in just three years, grown to a team of 20 staff generating revenues in excess of £2-million annually. The firm had been using a combination of standard office applications and email to manage projects, an approach that had long since become unworkable.

The FileMaker Solution

What Skyline Whitespace needed was a single application that would manage everything from lead generation and sales, through to design and build, shipping and final invoicing. As the firm was continuing to grow (currently at 30 staff and still expanding), the application had to be scalable. As well, with Skyline Exhibits in the USA building the parts for assembly, any application needed the capability to export order forms in a variety of formats.

Organisational benefits

  • Contact management system provides a central repository for all customer, prospect, staff and supplier details. CRM system imports sales leads and tracks sales activity to avoid multiple contacts by different marketing reps.
  • Prospect information can be sorted across a range of different fields then exported to create personalised email or direct mail marketing campaigns.
  • An online product request form can be imported into FileMaker where it becomes the briefing document for the design department. The resulting brief forms a job pack which tracks each individual project as it progresses through to completion.
  • Exhibition stand designs can be created in CAD then easily imported into FileMaker and managed within the system.
  • A complete parts catalogue is maintained within FileMaker. As each job is designed, a parts list and price list is automatically generated. This can then be exported as an order form and sent to Skyline head office in the USA.
  • Project requirements beyond the stand (such as electricals, lighting, furniture, booth rental, even the hiring of booth staff) can be attached to each project through the job pack and managed within FileMaker.
  • Markup percentages on all products and services are maintained centrally and used to calculate the price to customer. If markups need to be increased or reduced, this can be done once and applied to all further projects automatically.
  • A calendar of exhibition venues is maintained within FileMaker and used to flag the sales team in time to take advantage of sales opportunities.
  • When a project is completed and successfully delivered, FileMaker automatically exports a complete invoice in PDF format which is then sent to the customer for payment.
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