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FileMaker in Education

FileMaker's easy-to-use database software helps schools collect, manage and report on student and administrative data. Schools use FileMaker in their data-driven decision making processes to achieve greater operational efficiency, easily comply with government reporting requirements, advance teacher development and monitor student performance.

The FileMaker School

FileMaker Schools

A school powered by FileMaker solutions

Schools using FileMaker software throughout their institution - including student information, special education and school operations - make better decisions based on accurate data. Many of these schools create their own FileMaker solutions or use some of the many education software solutions offered by independent developers. See examples below of how to make your school a FileMaker School.

Student Information

Schools use FileMaker solutions as a complement to large, centralised data sources such as school and county-wide Student Information Systems to easily import and export data and create customised reports. FileMaker helps schools more easily centralise and analyse student information - aiding in better data driven decision-making.

Teacher Desktop

These FileMaker education software solutions act as productivity tools for teachers. Teachers can quickly prepare and organise information to better meet the needs of students and expectations of parents.

Special Education

FileMaker education software solutions help schools more easily and accurately comply with the constantly changing goverment regulatory requirements for special education. These solutions also enable greater accessibility of individualised student data for parents, teachers and other staff.

Personnel & Professional Development

FileMaker assists schools in gaining greater visibility into their staffing needs and resources. Teachers and staff are able to increase their skills and optimise their performance.

School Operations

FileMaker helps schools manage the business side of education. Schools have limited resources and by better enabling them to track assets, invoices and programmes, these schools can operate at higher levels of efficiency.

Curriculum Management

By bringing together a collective knowledge of instructional programmes and course materials, FileMaker helps schools increase the quality and accessibility of curricular resources for a broad range of teachers.

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